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Almond oil in the facial care – care star for soft skin

Smells terrific, maintains long and improves the elasticity – Spotlight on for a true beauty queen: the almond. How do you care for your face and body, and why is almond oil just better? That tells you this post.



Almond oil: a nursing legend rediscovered

Has such a migratory bird been lost to you? Discover something new, try something new and constantly come up with a new dream destination. But often we forget on the way, that it is quite beautiful on the Mediterranean: nibbling olives, sipping wine and citrus scent in the air … a dream!


This is similar in cosmetics with almond oil. Exotic elixirs have pushed it a bit out of the limelight. But wrongly! Because almond oil has the best properties for the skin.


The effect of almond oil for young-looking skin

Since there is (unfortunately …) no means in the whole wide world, which stops the skin aging, I lock myself against the inflationary used label anti-aging. So also with almond oil. Where, if it deserves an ingredient, then surely this …


Why and how aging skin do you find out in detail in the article “Skin Care 30+: Do I Need Anti-Aging Products?”. So here only briefly: Debt are weakening connective tissue, UV damage and moisture loss. And now the good news: almond oil has something against each of these effects ready. Almond oil, while not rejuvenating the skin, effectively prevents premature skin aging.

Strengthens the connective tissue: Almond oil has a particularly flexible structure that allows it to penetrate deep into the lipid layer of your skin. The effect of almond oil comes from the inside: it cushions and stabilizes the tissue. The skin looks firmer and firmer.


Prevents skin aging caused by light: Almond oil contains naturally plenty of nutrients, especially vitamin E, the so-called tocopherol, which is often added extra to “anti-aging” products. This antioxidant captures free radicals, which are caused by UV radiation.


Regulates the moisture content: Your skin can easily absorb the fatty acids in almond oil and use them for the regeneration of the natural skin barrier. This prevents moisture loss and dryness wrinkles. Thanks to its high content of oleic acid, almond oil also nourishes your skin for a smooth and supple skin texture.


That’s why almond oil is good for the skin

Natural oils are always a cocktail of various fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that give them specific properties. Some are particularly suitable for healthy hair, others are more suitable for skin care. But the delicate facial skin is the supreme discipline. And there shines the pale golden liquid of almonds!


5 facts why almond oil is good for your skin

Unsaturated fatty acids are particularly mild. They are related to our own skin lipids, which is why your skin can easily handle them. They have a calming effect on stressed skin.


Almond oil has a high content of oleic acid. Their special molecular structure allows them to penetrate deep into the skin. It strengthens the deeper layers of the skin, improves its elasticity and also transports other active ingredients deep into the skin.


Linoleic acid provides ceramides for a resilient skin barrier. At the same time, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritations.


Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an effective antioxidant that protects your skin from cell damage. Good things do not come alone, because almond oil also contains vitamin A, D, B vitamins and various minerals – thanks to them, almond oil is also a hit for hair care!


Almond oil is structurally similar and non-comedogenic to the skin’s own lipids. Means: It does not stick the pores. This is the essential in facial care, after all, you do not want to pay a well-groomed feeling with impurities.


Gentle and thorough – make-up with almond oil

Almond oil is used very differently in cosmetics. It is a great base oil for lotions and body oils. And as an addition to shampoos or leave-in products, it conjures up supple shine in your hair. Since it is not a very fast spreading oil, it spreads rather slowly on the skin. It leaves a soft feeling for a long time. And just because of the so-called spreading factor, almond oil is ideal for removing make-up from the face and eyes – a often neglected beauty ritual.


Since almond oil spreads more slowly than, for example, coconut oil, it does not absorb in seconds. It effectively binds soiling and can then be easily removed with a moist tissue or cotton pad. Nothing removes oil as well as oil. That’s why you can even remove stubborn and even waterproof eye make-up with almond oil.


May it be something more? But like: Give your skin an extra dose of care when removing make-up! The high content of oleic acid in almond oil leaves a super-soft feeling. The skin feels well-groomed and is ideally supplied with nutrients overnight to regenerate.